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North-western Tanzania is an unknown area for many tourists. And that makes it very worthwhile to get acquainted with it. NUACAS is in contact with various projects in and around Sengerema. We offer you the opportunity to get familiar with this. You can do this by volunteering or participating in one of our workshops.

In addition, NUACAS offers day trips to discover the area.

In other worths, an excellent start to get to know Tanzania!


Volunteer work in North West Tanzania
Be creative with the local people!
Enjoy local life in Sengerema, Tanzania

Enjoy Tanzania from within

We all know Africa from stories about nature and safaris. While these aspects of Africa are beautiful and worth visiting, there is another side. Come and join us in enjoying Africa from within; meet its people, culture, food and customs...

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Igogo B, Sengerema (TZ)
Bartlehiem 53, Wyns (NL)
+255 763 779 544 (TZ)
+31 623 747 767 (NL)

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