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Daytrips Sengerema

Day trips in and around Sengerema

We have put together trips in which you will experience different aspects of life here. We invite you to partake in the exciting active tours that we at Nuacas have put together for you with the help of local Tanzanians.

Hike the hills of the village Sengerema

This well-known hike is also called the “7 hill trail”. During the hike you will discover the different lifestyles of the people of Sengerema. You will also enjoy the beautiful views and nature along the way.

Cost: € 15,- pp

Bike tour of the villages of Sengerema County

Many people in Sengerema County transport goods from village to village by bike. We will accompany them and see where, for example, the milk comes from. You will get a feel for how people in the countryside and in small villages build an existence based on small self-sustaining farms.

Cost: € 25,- pp

Picnic on the banks of Lake Victoria

After traveling to the village of Nyamatongo by car we continue on foot to the banks of the lake. Here we peacefully enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake. An idyllic place to truly relax. After a picnic lunch there is an optional walk or you can choose to just enjoy the peace and quiet and take in the views.

Cost: € 25,- pp

Visit the Dagaa fishers in Kijiweni

After a scenic two hour car ride prepare to be impressed by the millions of Dagaa (a type of Sardine that is approximately 3 cm long) that are caught each day and laid to dry in the sun. Dagaa and Nile perch fishing are the most important sources of income here. The fish are solely for the domestic market. Don’t expect a fish processing factory. Here you will find colorful beaches with groups of women that dry the fish on the beaches of Lake Victoria.

Cost: € 20,- pp

Chitandere Island tour

We will discover Chitandere Island, a small island just off the southern shore of Lake Victoria, by foot. We will row a boat that sits 6 to the island. We encourage you to help us row.

During our hike on the island we will pass a few small homes. The people there are very friendly and usually want to invite you in for something to eat. However in order to reach our destination, “Wonderful stone”, we will have to be on our way. Wonderful stone is located in a protected forest. The locals treat this area with respect and a bit of mystery. Of course we can’t divulge the secrets of the stone except to say that you are supposed to pick it up!

A local family will prepare a meal of fish and ugali for us. Don’t expect a lavish buffet but rather a delicious local meal. After our meal we will continue on our way and discover different species of plants and birds. As we walk we will likely attract the attention of curious local children. We will pass a small school that is still under construction. A school on the island was never necessary since all of the island’s children had always traveled to the main land for school. That is until a boot with 19 kids overturned during a storm. A terrible accident that has had an enormous impact on the small population (approximately 100 people) of the island. In addition to the beauty we will show you on the island we will also tell you about the impact this tragedy has had on the people here.

Cost: € 35,- pp

Visit local and traditional crafts and trades

You will see how a small entrepreneur makes pitchers and vases the way it has been done for centuries. As if you are in a movie, you will be transported in the art of pottery. A woman that is adept at her craft shows you how these vases and storage vessels are made. We will also visit a man that makes traditional “cow chairs” and drums.

Cost: € 15,- pp

In other words, karibu sana Sengerema!

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