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Culture-nature-sun and sea

Culture-nature-sun and sea in Tanzania

This itinerary is carefully selected to ensure that you not only see the highlights of Tanzania but that you also experience life in Tanzania and enjoy the natural beauty all around you. This diverse itinerary offers much in the way of action and relaxation. If it is all getting to be too much and you want to slow down the pace, we can adjust your trip. The accommodations may vary so most are not named in this itinerary.

Day 1

We will greet you upon your arrival at Mwanza International Airport in Tanzania, We will escort you by car and the Kikongo ferry to Sengerema.

Day 2

After a relaxing start of the day, giving you a chance to get used to your surroundings, we will take a trip to the market together. We will buy some groceries and show you around the village.

Day 3

Today we will take you for a picnic at a scenic spot on the coast of Lake Victoria in Nyamatongo. It’s about an hour drive along dirt roads followed by a short walk to the picnic spot. After our lunch we will visit a Daga (sardine) drying company in a village nearby. We will purchase fish to prepare for dinner back in Sengerema.

Day 4

We will explore Sengerema and the surrounding area by bike today; scenic ride that takes you through woods and rice fields. We will stop at Mama Jenny’s house for lunch. We will help her cook and join her for a meal. In the evening we will have drinks at the Vianta motel.

Day 5

Our destination today is Chitandele Island. We will depart in a rowboat for a half hour row to this small island in Lake Victoria. Here we will visit the locals and discover the mystery of the “wonderful stone”. In the afternoon we will have a barbeque. During the row back to the mainland we can take the time to do some fishing, if you like.

Day 6

On our last day in Sengrema we will hike the Seven Hill Trail, a beautiful and scenic hike with breathtaking views. Upon our return to Sengrema we will eat Dutch pancakes (pannekoeken), the traditional meal of the Seven Hill Trail thanks to Brother Dionysius.

Day 7

Today we return to Mwanza and spend the night at a luxury hotel with a beautiful pool. We will tour the city with stops at the Sukuma Museum and Bismarck Rock, the symbol of Mwanza (Rock City).

Day 8

From here your yourney is taken over by Shrike Safaris. Nuacas is working together with Shrike Safaris our partner of Tanzanian origin!

At 8.15am a Shrike Safaris safari guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive for approximately 2hrs30min to the World famous Serengeti National park for your first game viewing in the western Savannah woodland. 

Later on, drive to the camp in the western corriddor for an evening at leisure and hot dinner.

Day 9

Spend a full-day exploring the beauty of the Serengeti National park - immerse yourselves in NATURE!

Serengeti is arguably the Africa’s breathtaking National park. It is the home of millions of large mammals, including what is so called the Big 5: elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and the rarely seen black rhinoceros. Over 500 species of birds have been recorded in the area, birds of prey, vultures, lovebirds, cranes, Bateleur and weavers. Nile Crocodiles, the largest crocodiles lie in wait in Grumet River Serengeti..

This night you will stay in a small tented camp.

Day 10

After early breakfast at the camp; drive to Ngorongoro Crater for Game viewing at the Crater floor.

The Ngorongoro Crater is home to more than 30 000 protected animals. Known for its spectacular beauty and excellent game viewing, it is a truly unique and dramatically romantic safari destination in Africa. The Ngorongoro Crater, once a gigantic volcano, is the largest intact caldera in the world. Nearly three million years old, the ancient caldera shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens on earth. Black rhino are protected within its rim, giant tusked elephants wander the forests, black-maned lions stalk the grasslands and flamingos crowd the soda lakes, and ideal romantic safari.

You will spend the night in a lodge just outside the park.

Day 11

Depart after breakfast across the Maasai Steppe to Tarangire National Park. We’ll search for huge elephant herds in the forest along the river that is the park’s namesake, witness zebra racing across meadows, a lioness stalking her prey, playful baboons scampering up baobab trees, and so much more.

You spend a night in a lodge inside Tarangire National Park

Day 12

Soon after breakfast, proceed with half-day game viewing in Tarangire National park. Early afternoon drive to Arusha city; enjoy dinner and overnight at a lodge in Arusha.

Day 13

Today is an opportunity for you to learn how Tanzanians live today. You may take a tour to a coffee farm and mountain biking. 

Day 14

Today you fly to Stone Town Zanzibar. Here you stay in a beautiful hotel downtown of this UNESCO world heritage site.

A walking tour is the only way to truly experience the town, which exists today much as it did in the years when Zanzibar, the Isle of Spices, was a great trading centre for spices, timber and slaves. The marketplace is alive with vendors who hawk their exotic wares in a multitude of languages, as many as the intense palate of colours which mark their fabrics, their spices, their intricately carved wood and other goods for sale. As you move away from the raucous of the market, the winding streets grow serene and mysterious, with their whitewashed houses and ornately carved wooden doors and balconies studded with brass.

Day 15

The morning begins with a sumptuous breakfast as you gaze over the Indian Ocean to the endless horizon. Today you will visit the Zanzibar Museum and the Old Fort. Lunch, relaxed and oh-so-luscious, and we proceed to spend the afternoon touring the plantations on the outskirts of town where cinnamon, cardamon and strong, flavourful Arabic coffees are grown. And, of course, we see the cloves, the gold of Zanzibar, the world’s finest and most desired spice, grown here in the very centre of the Spice Islands.

Day 16

After breakfast we leave Stone Town to go to a lodge at the beach. You will spent your last days in Tanzania relaxing at the Indian Ocean. Here you can go on a snorkling trip or visit the dolphins or you can enjoy hanging out at the beach.

Day 17

Enjoy your last day at the Indian Ocean.

Day 18

The last day of your stay. We will drop you of at the airport of Zanzibar where you start your yourney back home.

Cost: approximately € 3088,- pp.

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Culture-nature-sun and sea

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