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Regina's house

Regina's House

Regina’s House was built in 2018 and is located in a quite neighborhood of the village Sengerema, Tanzania. The house is surrounded by banana trees, sugarcane and, of course, the famous mango trees of the Sukuma region. The house also boasts views of the rice fields to the south, a portion of which we also own. Regina’s House is located in a beautiful, green area.

Next to the newly built house inside the garden walls is the previously built home of Regina. The two houses share a lovely courtyard. We refer to the whole complex as Regina’s House; the home of Nuacas. We work together with the locals in everything we do here. People here are very friendly but don’t see many Caucasians, which takes some getting used to for everyone.

Regina’s House offers the necessities for a pleasurable stay and is a relaxing ‘home” that allows you to enjoy the surrounding area.

In other words, karibu sana in Regina's house!

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Staying with the comfort of your own home!
Staying in a real Tanzanian hotel!
Staying with a Tanzanian family!

Enjoy Tanzania from within

We all know Africa from stories about nature and safaris. While these aspects of Africa are beautiful and worth visiting, there is another side. Come and join us in enjoying Africa from within; meet its people, culture, food and customs...

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