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New Vianta Place Motel

New Vianta Place Motel

New Vianta Place Motel is one of our partner companies here at Nuacas. We live close to each other and collaborate with each other. The New Vianta Place Motel is a small new motel in the center of Sengrema close to the road to Geita. It is a courtyard motel with an inviting atmosphere.

The motel features 6 small but inviting rooms with running hot and cold water and fans or air-conditioning. New Vianta Place Motel always has electricity thanks to solar panels and features good security at night. The owner Viva speaks English well and has lots of knowledge to share about the national parks, other tourist attractions, and about his own tribe, the Zinza.

The staff is friendly and helpful. They can cook a delicious meal for you if you so desire. In the evening you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine accompanied by the television and local music which can be a bit too loud at times. Feel free to ask them to turn down the volume.

Guests at the New Vianta Place Motel are welcome without reservations but you can also book here through Nuacas.

In other words, karibu sana in New Vianta Place Motel!

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Staying with the comfort of your own home!
Staying in a real Tanzanian hotel!
Staying with a Tanzanian family!

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We all know Africa from stories about nature and safaris. While these aspects of Africa are beautiful and worth visiting, there is another side. Come and join us in enjoying Africa from within; meet its people, culture, food and customs...

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Igogo B, Sengerema (TZ)
Bartlehiem 53, Wyns (NL)
+255 768 637 762 (TZ)
+31 623 747 767 (NL)

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