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Homestay Sengerema

Homestay Sengerema

Staying with a Tanzanian family for a short homestay is THE way to truly get to know Tanzanians and their way of life. You will become a member of the family. You can partake in many daily activities within the courtyard and beyond.

You will be surprised to see how fast people discover what you are good at even with a language barrier. A home stay is a pleasure for the host family as well as the guests. The family that you choose to stay with will likely have daily chores and challenges that you can often help with. Just by being there, the family will feel appreciated.

It is up to you and your hosts to figure out what you both can do to help each other out. The goal of a homestay is, of course, to immerse yourself in a different culture not to be put to work. People here are quite self-sufficient. The fundamental rules of the homestay a to show mutual respect and understanding for each other and to respect each other’s differences. This has of course been communicated to our host families. There are experiences in life which you will never forget, a Tanzanian Homestay is bound to be one of them.

In other words, karibu sana at Homestay Sengerema!

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Staying with the comfort of your own home!
Staying in a real Tanzanian hotel!
Staying with a Tanzanian family!

Enjoy Tanzania from within

We all know Africa from stories about nature and safaris. While these aspects of Africa are beautiful and worth visiting, there is another side. Come and join us in enjoying Africa from within; meet its people, culture, food and customs...

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Igogo B, Sengerema (TZ)
Bartlehiem 53, Wyns (NL)
+255 768 637 762 (TZ)
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